April 18, 2012

I had a horrible thought….
What if “Theatre” never existed? I can think back through all of the productions and classes I’ve been involved in. I was in my first show at MTC when I was in 4th grade. I played an Indian in Peter Pan and I remember being in awe of all the older kids and how talented and experienced they all were and how wonderful they were to all us newbie’s!!!. Now 5 years later, I played Pinocchio in Upbeat's Shrek medley during Spotlight and I realized I was one of the older kids and in the position of mentoring and sharing my experience with the younger ensemble members. . The theater world has been my second home….. I just can’t imagine my life without it. Most of my training has been at MTC…… It is the only place in the world (besides my own house) that I feel comfortable to truly be myself. The friends I've made are family. These friends are always there to support me in whatever I decide to do and I never feel judged by them. And of course all that fun…. theatre people are just so much fun to be around and I have so many wonderful memories – the kind that last forever!!!!. I will never forget all of those pool parties, sleepovers, and after-show meals at the diner. I can't imagine ever having to stop performing. There is no like that feeling when you're standing on that stage and the audience disappears and you become someone else, or being center stage with a spotlight on you, or what it’s like when the audience applauds or laughs at something you did. Yup, theatre is my home and it‘s been a wonderful place to grow up. I just know that if it weren’t for my theater friends and the opportunities I’ve had to perform in such a caring environment, I would never have the self-confidence or the self-esteem that I have today. I am so excited about AT and MTC merging and all the new possibilities!!! Gabriela Schulman

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