June 4, 2012

Cabaret opens in less than a week! We’ve started running the show, and I’ve been amazed at how hard the cast is working, and how far they’ve come from the beginning. This past week, we had three days in a row of intense rehearsals. In that time, the dances, vocals, and scene work have really been polished, and I know they’ll step it up even more during tech week. One of the highlights of the show, that I know the audience will enjoy, is the number “Mein Herr”. Adin’s choreography is so dynamic and resourceful in that song. And I’m sure everyone will fall in love with Lauren and Kazz’s portrayal of Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz. Their romance over a pineapple keeps getting more adorable. Tomorrow is our designer run, and we move into the theater on Monday. Our student production team has collaborated so well together, so I think we’re ready to take on tech week. This whole process has truly felt like a group effort. I will greatly miss Noam’s detailed rehearsal reports and Max’s daily Cabaret discussions when the show is over. But we still have the toughest week to come! Leah Platt, Student Producer

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