Does Trimming Trees For Health Reasons Actually Make Sense?

If you own a home or a business property with open spaces around the house or building, then you know that few things add tremendous value and benefits like trees do. Not only do they immediately make any property that much more beautiful, there are tangible benefits to them as well.

They absorb moisture out of the air enough to lower local humidity, and that’s a cooling effect on top of the shade they can provide. They provide a great home for birds that bring delightful sounds and music, but also kill little bugs and critters you don’t want around, and the extensive root structures can help the local terrain avoid erosion and soil runoff.

Given all these advantages, it’s easy to want trees on your property, be it residential or commercial, and it makes, even more, sense to take care of the trees you do have. Sometimes, that means trimming trees for health reasons, which actually sounds counterintuitive. You might wonder if trimming trees for health reasons actually make sense?

The answer varies from tree to tree, but sometimes, it is very much yes. As a whole, trimming a tree will not make it healthier just by itself. In general, cutting parts off of any living organism is hurtful to its health, and not a good thing. However, with the right arborist by your side, sometimes tree trimming is a necessity.

Trimming often needs to happen for purely pragmatic reasons not even involving the tree. Branches and limbs might need cut off so they don’t hit light poles, power lines, or even buildings. However, tree trimming can also happen for reasons involving the tree’s health.

When trees get sick or infected, they do not get sick all over all at once. It might be possible to detect a disease in certain limbs and cut them off before the rest of the tree gets sick as well. If you do have a sick tree then go and check out a tree service that deals with sick trees in Fort Worth TX

In a similar pattern, if a limb gets knocked off by wind or lightning, the exposed end of it can leave a tree’s insides vulnerable to disease and infection. Trimming off a little more deliberately can provide a tree professional the chance to basically bandage the wound in a way that makes the tree have a better chance of resisting something happening.

In some cases, tree trimming for health reasons happens simply because a tree has grown too big. A tall tree with a lot of foliage near the top might actually block the sunlight the lower limbs need, and the whole tree can suffer as a result. Trimming out some of the crowns lets more light into the interior, so top branches don’t have to grow out too far and start bending over or dropping. This is actually a growing tactic for fruit farmers who want to boost the yields of the fruit-producing branches closer to the ground.

As you can see, in some circumstances, tree trimming for health reasons actually does happen and is necessary.

Planting Trees For Our Future Generations

Trees are very good for us, humans, as they are the main source of oxygen for our planet. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fight the pollution and the toxic environment resulting from our industrial activities and from our daily duties. Whenever you drive your car to and from work, you contribute a little to the global pollution. Whenever you buy something, you increase your carbon footprint, as the products we use are manufactured with energy consumption. Some say that even the habit of eating grass fed beef generates toxic compounds into the atmosphere. Even the simple fact that we breathe consumes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide into the air.

Under these circumstances, it’s easy to understand why massive deforestation actions have led to global warming and to other serious problems our generation has to face. Even worse, future generations may never know the world as it is today. If you are looking for a great tree service to use go check out

Together we can stop this trend and even reverse it. Planting trees is the easiest thing we can do to help our planet produce more oxygen and decrease the levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful compounds that poison our cities and our lungs. Our children deserve a better place to live in, so we should become aware of the importance of collective action towards improving the quality of life on this planet.

If you don’t have a backyard to plant some trees in, you can always contribute by joining various organizations in your area of residence, and help them whenever they take such initiatives. Planting trees aren’t difficult. Besides, it can be extremely rewarding, as it can provide you a feeling of fulfillment very hard to experience at your job or during your leisure activities. A tree doctor DFW will help you know exactly on how to plant a tree.Psychologists say that a fulfilled life is a life with a purpose, rather than one full of wealth and happiness. You can be happy and content doing nothing all day long, but soon you may feel the sadness of not being useful to anyone on Earth. In order to be good in our lives, we need to serve a purpose that’s higher than our humble being. We need to have goals and to find our mission on this planet. Planting a tree or two, for that matter, can be your contribution to making the world a better place for future generations.

You should give all these a thought even if you don’t have children. It would be a shame for this beautiful community to end up in sorrow and misery, only because the past and present generations have been too foolish to realize the massive destruction they cause by their actions. Technology progress is surely good, as it has enabled us to cure many ailments and to bring the quality of life to unbelievable standards. However, all these achievements are done at the expense of the health of our Mother Earth. We should give it back at least a few trees here and there, if not whole forests.

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