How To Maintain A Tree’s Health Before Hiring An Arborist

It is essential to keep the trees on your property healthy and properly trimmed. Unfortunately, keeping all trees on a property in tip-top shape can be an overwhelming and, in some cases, dangerous task. You may be wondering how maintaining the health of a tree could possibly be dangerous. Consider this: a tree with heavy and low-hanging branches that are entangled in power lines. This is a dangerous situation and requires the skills of a professional arborist.

A licensed arborist is a professional with the necessary equipment and training to manage such situations. However, when facing less life-threatening situations it is possible to avoid hiring an arborist and deal with the issue yourself. If you intend to maintain your own trees, it is important to consider safety guidelines before and afterward. This article will provide information on how to maintain a tree’s health before hiring an arborist.

1. Avoid Power Lines

One crucial rule to maintain a tree’s health is to never trim a tree that is close to a power line. In fact, this act is illegal in the majority of states and it is illegal to maintain a tree near or below an active power line. If a person were to tend their tree underneath a power line, they would raise the level of danger to them and that area. When trimming, there is the chance of error and any error can result in disastrous results. The majority of states require that at least two licensed professionals remove trees located underneath power lines.

2. Correct Tool Use

Some of the tools being used during tree maintenance tasks can be deadly, so it is important that you treat them with care and respect. For example, if you intend to use a chainsaw it is imperative that you have the correct training for effective use and that the equipment is well maintained. Always wear safety gear when completing tree maintenance tasks including goggles, gloves, boots, and a hard hat. This is important because branches and chips can break loose causing personal injury.

It should also be noted that you must not maintain a tree without the help of a second person. Hired this professional tree removal company. Never climb a tree with tools in your hands, always have another person hand you the tools or use a work belt.

3. Hazard Inspection And Safety Harnesses

Before beginning maintenance on a tree, it is vital that you perform a hazard inspection. This inspection or assessment will help indicate any potential dangers present in the area. If you find there are hazards upon inspection, it is necessary to deal with the hazard and take note of it in the maintenance job.

When using a ladder, it is recommended that you level the ground where you place the ladder. If at all possible, it is advised that you use a safety harness for climbing or tree maintenance as these are safer than ladders. Always be certain that you are secure before beginning work on the tree.


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